Jim Cowan
Cindy Cashdollar


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The .44 Special is a reso guitar built for electric playing, with major gain and grit...
Bill Asher is the maker of the widely acclaimed Asher lap steel, these are similar to the deep and resonant sound of a Weissenborn. Asher lap steels are amazing. See more ...
Paul Beard makes a beautiful resonator guitar; gorgeous balanced tone that works great in both a studio and live setting.
My favorite effect pedals, beautifully made and true to sound and effect. I use the "Mucho Busto" and the "Sex Drive".
Fender Twin Custom 15- A beautiful tube amp with more punch and response for lows and mids with the 15" speaker.

Fender's "Steel King" a great transistor amp ( w/ 15" speaker) with loud and clean gain and exc. EQ panel.

Cindy has used these strings for years and they have just about any size string gauge you could want, even the "oddball" sizes. Cindy's favorite bar for steel is their 3/4" Thermo Cryonic Tone Bar. Excellent customer service and many accessories offered.
I have their Baritone Tricone, ( metal body) and love it's volume and baritone voicing. They also make the National-Lace pickup, which works extremely well with any type of resophonic or regular guitar, nice tone with warmth and great amplification. National Resphonic Guitars has all styles of both round and square neck resonator guitars.
Cindy loves the steel guitars Herb Remington has made for her over the years, and they now offer GeorgeL pickups wound to Fender steel specs. Single, double, and triple necks available.